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Learn About Us: 

Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation


Our Approach

As a non-profit organization with many years of operation, we exist to provide a support system to wildlife rehabilitators in New Mexico. Wildlife all over New Mexico faces many challenges. By giving to Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation you're helping those individuals and organizations who are working hard to return our wonderful animals back into the wild. Each and every donation will go to provide food, caging, veterinary care, or transportation for those animals in need.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help the wildlife of New Mexico by providing financial and logistical aid to the people who help rehabilitate the animals of New Mexico. This will be done by providing those operations with assistance for enclosures, transportation, medical treatment, food, and volunteers.

Our Partners

Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation collaborates with a network of dedicated partners who share our passion for wildlife conservation. Together, we work towards the common goal of preserving and protecting New Mexico's diverse wildlife. Our partners include wildlife rehabilitation centers, conservation organizations, educational institutions, and compassionate individuals who contribute to the welfare of the wildlife in our state.

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